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Summer camp can be a financial stretch for a family. Pine Springs is committed to providing scholarships to any child who wants to have a life-changing, joy-filled week of summer camp. We would like to grow this fund so that we can reach even more people. The Carrie Foust Memorial Scholarship Fund makes summer camp a reality for hundreds of families each year, and continues to grow, thanks to the generosity of so many gracious donors.

Carrie Foust was a beloved camper and counselor at Pine Springs Camp. Carrie’s love for Christ was evident in all that she did and she was passionate about supporting the mission to “provide every camper with a vital encounter with Jesus Christ.” Carrie believed that a week at Pine Springs Camp would be awesome for any child. Her legacy lives on through the memorial fund that bears her name.

“The best time of my life! My weeks on the mountain influenced who I am and who I know I am in Christ. I felt known and loved by the staff, my counselors and friends. It was a safe place to explore God’s creation and my faith.”

Carrie by campfire